Tuesday, April 09, 2013

You never get a second chance to make a good impression.

I'm still in tax hell. It literally takes a month worth of spare time to do my taxes. Some years are better than others. But, they all are difficult.

This year I'm taking a loss on a stock I've held for seven years. I'm almost at the statute of limitations! If that applied to stock. And I shit you not - this one stock loss takes 19 pages to document. Sure most of the pages are shit - but the IRS wonders why you only sent one page, when the document stack says 1 of 9 million.

I orient my pages to make it easy for the auditor to get through. It's my effort to say "sure, maybe I fucked up - but obviously I'm not trying to screw you!". To prove that - they get 19 pages of documents. And really I don't want to piss off the auditors. I don't want to make them stabby. Which is a huge waste of time for both of us. I tend to get those "just checking" audits. So... I'm not one to blend the edges.

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