Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hungry for something new?

I accidentally ran across this technology from zSpace about a month ago and  immediately began plotting in my head how I would capture it if I saw it again. I ran though all my devices trying to figure out which one had a lens small enough to fit inside one side of a small pair of reading glasses. Without the glasses you basically get a double image which looks blurry. Anway...

I'm not sure if words can ever accurately describe this product. I've been to CES a handful of years, not to mention random tech shows. I've seen 3D with glasses. 3D without glasses. The kind that really only works in the "sweet spot" of the TV. I've seen people try to do holographic images in all sorts of ways. My long time readers may remember I was always suspicious of 3D taking off because of the glasses. Here, and no this one.

So, when I saw the zSpace monitors I almost didn't even stop. But I did, and it made my mouth drop. It's the first device I've seen that gives (in my opinion) a true immersive 3D experience. For instance with movies, it sometimes feels like they are trying to beat the 3D out of your eyes. You'll see 3D or else! It feels very forced.

The zSpace monitor feels like the computer equivalent of pop up books. But you can take items out of the book and rotate them many different directions. It gives you the visual illusion you can pull items out of the monitor space. Even though it's a thin monitor, you have the illusion you are working in a large shadowbox with items inside that you can take apart and reassemble. The stylus has haptic feedback, so when you touch items - it really feels like you are touching them. It's one of the most promising technologies I've seen in a while. Watch these videos. Do it!

See how the guy reacts to the object in front of his head?

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