Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Oh - you fancy huh?

"If you feel bad about leaving your dog home all day while you work, DirecTV will offer a solution of sorts: TV programming for dogs." Here.

"The satellite provider will begin offering DogTV for $5.99 a month in the third quarter, according to Bloomberg. The channel broadcasts content is aimed at canines and includes "scenes with and without other animals, animation sequences and a variety of moving objects,” according to DogTV. Relaxation segments on the channel also show sleeping dogs and some nature scenes accompanied by soothing music."

When I first read this I thought - Direct TV knows about TV. Right? They have cartoons, and the animal channel. Which I'm sure dogs are too snobby for now. It's all white trash dogs. Surely they wouldn't appeal to the 1% dogs getting direct TV!

I mock them, but if I know I'm going to be home late into the night I will leave the TV on for the bunnies. OH YES I DO. But they are happy with the business channel. Just ask them!


Anonymous said...

(What's with all the spam lately??)

Anyway, knowing how much Mitzi LOVES to watch videos of other animals, especially dogs, I think they may have something here.

But TV for bunnies? Really? You and Mr. S. are such softies. ;)


she said: said...

It's the same amount of spam I normally get. They used to post to old articles. Now they've started posting in new articles. They subscribe to you via RSS feed, and there is basically nothing you can do to shut them down unless you turn off comments. Which I've thought about doing for a while. But since they are RSS'ed to you - as soon as you post - the spam starts up again.

Anonymous said...

Good idea feeding them the business channel, but I'm not so sure if it will work. I tried to get stock tips from the beagles and all they told me was to short Purina and go long chicken. I'm not so sure that I buy into the whole pet psychology angle that their trying to sell with their programming but I know plenty of people who do. The amazing part will be when the marketing teams figure out a way to advertise to your pets.

she said: said...

Hahahah. Mine keep wanting me to buy ammo stocks but I don't believe them because I think ammo is in a bubble. I think they are just bitter about that whole Elmer Fudd thing.

Dog *are* evolving though. They can climb trees, talk-ish, and drive cars. If those channels had one click buying..... you would flip your shit when you got home and the bill came.