Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pacifi Coast Dream Machines Part Two - or Last... I'm not sure.

Hey - maybe it is a handy thing. I don't know.

Mr S. said he had a Hot Wheels Red Barron when he was a kid.

I am mostly not into bikes. I can appreciate a few, but honestly - they are a real bitch to photograph. A lot of them are so busy, it just makes for a not fun level of difficulty for something I'm only so so on. The licence plate said Jesus W.

I just loved the look on this kids face. It just makes you happy.

Oh! The city of HMB made it to my blog last night. Which told me Sundays traffic must not have been much better. I didn't get that much traffic on my last post. So it's funny it floated up to #2 if you so a search.

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