Monday, April 01, 2013

I want to get this out before I forget.

I took Saffron in today to see the vet. Which I may or may not talk about later.

Anyway... He'd just been in Australia on a veterinarian conference. One topic turned to another and this is what I learned about Australia today.

1. Everything is crazy expensive. A pair of Nike's is around 300 bucks, and it's almost cheaper for them to buy a pair from Amazon (in America) and have it shipped to Australia. Seriously.

2. They still have socialised medicine in Australia. He was talking to vets about blood screenings for animals, and they don't do blood work on humans there until they are elderly. Apparently it's too costly! I can't wait to see how this goes over when Ohhhhhcare hits.

3. Saffron has glaucoma. The vet said in the old timey days they tried to implant salivary glands into the eyes of humans who had glaucoma. So they could have better tear production. Oddly, and apparently true - when you fed the pet, the implanted salivary glads would produce saliva. In the eye! Which sounds crazy, but who hasn't has something in their eye where you didn't have something to wash it with. Most people just stick their finger in their mouth and then right into their eye to remove the debris.


  1. My first thought when I read this was that Saffron must be one freaky rabbit if he got invited to a vet conference across the world.

  2. She would have to be super freaky. Australia has some super shitty rabbit diseases. Like

    She's flown a couple of times though. Just not to Australia.