Saturday, April 13, 2013

I have nothing to give. Nothing.

I finally got my taxes out right before the post office closed today. Taxes took everything out of me. I finally got all my stuff right, and went to print.... and my printer had died. Despite having a new black ink cartridge, it won't print anything in black. And yes, I pulled the tab. HP can not cease to exist fast enough. I just bought this thing not too long ago.

So, we decided to go into the office. Where the printers there were having some trouble because every few pages looked like they'd been redacted. Mr S. had to screen capture them and then print them. It's just all been too much. So you aren't getting anything this weekend. Nothing.

Stuff next week will be things I should have posted from this week, and new stuff. It's starting to be the interesting time of the year.

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