Saturday, April 28, 2012

To you, with love - from my inner tard. Part 1.

This thing was a monster. If I saw it on the road I would die. Look at how tall it is relative to people! It completely blocks out the truck parked right next to it. I didn't even get a front shot because - who cares about the front. I was completely distracted by the back.
Update - For a couple of hours last night Mr S. and I were trying to figure out which car they'd built this thing on. At one point I thought they'd stacked two cars on top of another and welded them together. Because it is so tall. Mr S. thought it might have been built on a Duesenberg body. Here. Which caused him to scour the nets trying to find out what it was. A 1941 fire engine apparently. Look at the thumbnails at the bottom. Here.

He also came across this youtube video. The car is called Big Bertha out of Santa Cruz.

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    they made the giant car