Friday, April 13, 2012

The future is going to be amazing.

DARPA realizes it needs contact lenses, opts for those nice AR tinted ones (video).

Remember when I talked about Innovega back in January? Here.

When Mr S. sent me this link this morning I was simultaneously excited, and not surprised. One of the things that did surprise me about this technology, was how quickly law enforcement was adopting it in various forms. They aren't exactly cutting edge. This was a year ago. Before AR codes were widely prevalent, and most people had heard about the technology.

To tell you the truth - last year I was still wondering if AR would even take hold. Not the HUD side, but the various forms of AR. I still don't think I can find an average person that would know what Augmented Reality stood for. Even around techies, I think I would still find a limited amount of people who know what it is.

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