Saturday, April 14, 2012

Never doing that again.

In an effort to procrastinate my taxes another day - I went to a Taco Festival in San Jose today. Which was the worst idea on the planet.

Now, I think food trucks are one of the great entrepreneurial ideas. Yes, the Mexicans did it first. Then after all the Mexicans left during the recession, all sorts of other types of food trucks popped up. Great idea.

Having said that - a food truck festival will leave you feeling like it would have been funner to just stay home and do your taxes. You think it's going to be this great thing where you can sample food from 25 different trucks. Yeah, that isn't how things go. The line for each truck is approximately 30 minutes long. I got through one truck, and it took me almost an hour. You pay to get in. And you pay to park. So these tacos wound up being the most expensive tacos I've ever had because I just didn't want to wait in a huge line again.

You know, I've been to more festivals than I can remember. You put up with the food lines, because you only have to do it once or twice. Food truck festivals take that pain and magnify it. The only reason you are there - is for the food!

Mr S. was trying to convince me that most other people didn't mind waiting in line like I do. Amazon tells me that isn't true. If it were true - Best Buy would still be alive. I think there are more people like me now than ever. I predict these food truck festivals will die. At first people find them novel - but people hate waiting in lines.

This is what it looked like at the end of one line. And they pretty much were all like that.

Then we had the Chairman Mao truck. Which is why our country doesn't recognise socialism. We have these symbols everywhere, and it desensitises people to the meaning. How can socialism be bad - it gives us these awesome food trucks.

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