Wednesday, April 18, 2012

California is regressing right before my eyes.

I have this old beater truck I've been dying to upgrade out of for a few years. Trucks are spendy, and the economy is well....less than desirable for such purchases. So, I've been hobbling this thing along.

This year I had to smog it. Technically it was last years registration. I was in impound territory. Even though I'd already paid all my fees, California has changed all the rules for temp tags. So they wouldn't give me one to drive the thing around and get repairs. They only give out one day moving temp tags now.

At any rate, I finally got it smogged, and went to the DMV to get my tags. I figured since I was already there, I'd get the Solstice renewed since it just came in the mail.

Oh. DMV doesn't let you pay for registration at the DMV until you are late now. No big deal I guess. This is the better part though. The guy at the DMV told me that California is actually not going to be sending out registration renewals at all anymore. If your vehicle is up soon, you may get one. But don't expect it.

I guess they took it to heart all those aholes who said they never got their registration notices. California figures, if people aren't getting them - lets just stop sending them. And, if your registration is late - they are going to charge you a 5 dollar fee to pay it at the DMV.

Welcome to the future. I mean, the past.


  1. Good to know this b/c I think I've got a renewal coming up. Sounds more like a scheme to collect extra revenue. Millions will forget that their registration is due until after the fines have been imposed. Nice way to pay for the pensions I guess, but having millions paying late fees certainly won't improve the DMV experience much.

  2. Wow -- OMFG!!!! That is really good to know. Funny (NOT) how they haven't announced that new policy publicly. Bastards.

    So many reasons to deeply, sincerely, utterly HATE this goddamn state.

    Purple Magpie

  3. That guy wasn't even going to volunteer that information to me. But I have an awesome personality. Well, it's my new thing. Hahahah.