Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Maybe the world does work more how I think it does.

At the beginning of Decemeber 2011, I asked - Is Best Buy Circling the Drain?

At the time, I thought my subject line was a little dramatic. But it turns out - I might not have not been far off! How funny is that? If only I could get paid to fire their staff, and tell retailers why they suck.

Best Buy May Be Cut to Junk at S&P Amid Small-Store Shift.


  1. The one thing I associate with Best Buy: lousy customer service. I hate shopping there and haven't darkened their doorstep in years. They should go out of business.

  2. BB always had crappy service. I couldn't believe they became popular. They really benefited from the demise of Circuit Shitty though.

    BB then became the only place you could see electronics IRL. They got an expanded share of a declining market.