Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just watch.

For a little while now, I've been trying to draft a post on how I think the media ignoring Ron Paul is actually helping him. Quite simply, people are not tired of him yet.

A couple of weeks ago I wasn't even sure he was still running. That is until he hit California. Where stunning crowds came out. Some of the footage of the video below was taken from the UCLA visit where 10,000 people showed up. Honestly, he has been greeted with overflow crowds practically everywhere.

This video is a little long, but it shows the difference between Romney's crowds and Paul's. No one is getting crowds like Ron Paul. And, he has been crafty by going to Universities and scooping up the young demo. Or the O demo.

Mr S. keeps telling me young people don't vote. Although, I've voted every election since I became legal. Not because I was overly patriotic - it was because I came from two generations of welfare. Granted, my mom was only on it while I was real little. My family always bitched about the government, but never voted. So, I've always voted. Always.

When I see stuff like this - it makes me feel like there could be an election surprise.


  1. An election surprise? With the rigged vote count that will be coming from Spain? Not likely. I'll be very surprised if PMB doesn't win again, regardless of how "popular" any other candidate seems. If you listen to the news, according to polls (hahaha!! *headdesk*), the country is now evenly split between Mr. Milk Toast and PMB. Which is bullshit -- but I think it may be propaganda in preparation for the rigged vote count in November whereby PMB will win by the slightest, but not big enough to cause suspicion, margin.

    How's that for conspiracy theory paranoia? I need to stop listening to the radio. ;)

    Purple Magpie

  2. Hahahah. Well.. I am not going to wade into all that. ;) Your scenario seems more likely. I am curious about the Spain reference though.

    I understand all the hurdles for RP. I only report trends I am seeing and let you decide how you feel about. At this point, Mittens Romney is starting to sound more and more like PMB every day. These crowds however keep getting larger and larger.

  3. Check your email. :)

    Purple Magpie