Monday, February 06, 2012

This is what a recovery looks like.

Nearly half of California jobless workers considered 'long-term'.

"Not only does California have more than 2 million unemployed workers, but nearly half of them have been jobless for 27 weeks or more, according to new data assembled by the state Department of Employment Development.

"Between May 2007 and February 2011, the number of people who were jobless 27 weeks or more in California rose an astounding 620 percent," says the EDD report.

Those who are called "long-term unemployed" grew from 15.9 percent of the jobless population in late 2007 to 46.8 percent last March, remaining over 46 percent in December."

Of course, this data is nearly a year stale. Oh, it was just released - but it's Feb of 2012 now. That is how the government rolls.

It makes you realize why the gment acts as if it never knows what is going on. They are looking backward. Sometimes a year backward. I guess next year we will get to find out how bad it got this year.

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