Saturday, February 18, 2012


I don't eat breakfast or lunch during the week. This is why my weekends are consumed with finding good breakfast restaurants. I love

When we moved to my little suburb, we quickly found out that people here couldn't cook. This is why we often go some place else. Whatever we are doing for the weekend, we will try to find a place in that town. You can really learn a lot from a town by the selection of breakfast restaurants they have. Towns with crappy breakfast options are dead to me.

However, we've found that when we go to Sacramento - the thing to do is hash out old timey burger places. The kinds of burgers you can't get closer to the valley. Greasy, cheesy, huge, and will most probably kill me. That is how we wound up at Nation Wide Freezer Meats today.

I've already done the Squeeze Inn, and have loved it. The old one, the new one, and the one in Galt. But there are quite a few other burger places in Sacramento that need trying. One has a Burger with peanut butter on it. You have to try it at least once! Right? I think so.


  1. You should check out Foster's Bighorn in Rio Vista, it's an out of this world experience. Just make sure to bring your camera if you do. I recommend the buffalo burger, but don't think they even serve breakfast.

  2. Aw... the camera is always with me. When life happens, you have to be ready.

    If I find something interesting and or fun, I will keep it in mind. I don't even know what there is to do up there.