Monday, February 27, 2012

Can that be legal?


  1. Not if *I* were a cop.

    Seriously there's enough laws on the books that this has got to run afoul of SOMETHING.

    On the other had were I to see things tooling around my neighbourhood I'd probably give them the hairy eyeball and tell to keep it on side streets - and at very low speeds.

    That being said I once saw a full sized hunk of plywood go sailing out of otherwise empty pickup at 75 MPh, rise so high in the air that it must have been picked up on air traffic control, and come slamming back down ,on edge, in the middle lane where it lay down and was promptly run over by passing traffic including yours truly. That shit is dangerous.

  2. This is Mexifornia. Of course it is legal. :P

    Purple Magpie