Sunday, February 12, 2012

Go where the road takes you.

The past couple of weekends Mr S. and I have been basically free styling it. There hasn't been much tech, and I haven't been feeling like being around people lately. The whole world has been frustrating me.

Usually free styling amounts to a lot of dry holes. Nothing interesting. Mostly due to gentrification and sameism. You can go to any town anywhere in California, and they have exactly the same things in every strip mall. Cookie cutter to the nth degree. One town looks virtually the same as the next. I even noticed this when I had to track down Jasmine. I was an hour and a half inland, and everything still looks new. Not a rusted broken down barn to be seen anywhere. No real charm anywhere.


Last weekend, we'd made it up to Antioch - where my car broke down again. So, we had to turn around and come right back. But, not before wondering if Antioch always smells like a tired fire. We were going to have breakfast there, but the whole tire fire ambiance put us off.

This weekend we decided to stay closer to home and found this little valley to explore near Castro Valley.

Now, all I can think about is trying to find some money so I can buy a house in this little hidden crack near Fremont and gentrify it. It's like living in the mountains, but really it's just a tree covered wedge that cuts through the rolling hills.


  1. Puhlese, Antioch is right on the San Joaquin river, the only thing I smell are the sea lions making their way upstream for the SF bay. Can't believe you made it to my neck of the woods and didn't call, I could have shown you Antiochs #1 underground video game arcade, where the best pancakes were and even given you a river tour on my boat. Next time you head out to the far east bay, let me know and I'll show you the even seedier underbelly than the Antioch you've grown to know.

  2. Stop the car. You have a boat now! I can only imagine all the cool shots you can get with that. Especially up there.

    You'd bring the dogs right? I'd have to get my dog on.

  3. Bought the boat for the dogs, there are a couple of islands in the middle of the river where you're still legally allowed to posses a gun. We go out there and chase rabbits ;)