Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ron Paul supporters crash GOP Event.

A few years ago, you would have never found me at a Ron Paul rally. I would have rolled my eyes. But today I found myself at such an event. I'm calling it that because I didn't know this was a GOP event until last night. I wouldn't even call myself a Ron Paul supporter, except for the fact that the GOP candidates are just about the most demoralizing group of misfits I've ever seen.

Mitt Romney - the Arnold Schwarzenegger Republican. Santorum - WTF Santorum? I'm an atheist - so...the whole party loses me with Santorum. It isn't that he is religious - every one pretty much is. I respect other peoples religion, but he doesn't respect my lack of it.

Newt - that guy isn't serious. He is a tool.

So where is someone like me suppose to go? I don't really fit into any of the groups. Mr S. has been telling me for years that I am a "small l" libertarian. I consider myself conservative, but I don't align with them either. There is a lot not to love with Ron Paul too.

Unlike the tea party who just wants you to get off their lawn and leave them alone, I align more along the lines of - get off my lawn unless you have weed. And then only if you have a responsible job. Otherwise, get the EFF off my lawn. I just don't care what people do in their personal lives. At all. As long as you aren't affecting me -it's none of my business.

So when I heard there was going to be a Ron Paul rally - I had to go. Not to participate, but to see what the turn out would be.

Turns out, there were almost as many Ron Paul supporters than conservatives. Which is not saying a lot. This is California. Yet, there were much more of them than a lot of the tea party rallies I went to.

Oddly, I wasn't the only misfit. When I saw this guy with the International ANSWER sign, I thought there was going to be some conflict. Normally I trash these guys to no end. His whole presence confused me. And him, apparently. Mr S. talked to him outside and he seemed fairly clueless. He was a socialist on one side, and a Ron Paul supporter on the other. I'm not sure if he knows even what international answer is all about. You can see the youtube video here.

They really outnumbered Newt supporters. (The Newt supporters are the ones holding the signs with gas pumps.)

The hotel even called in the police to make them go outside. They weren't really being disruptive - but they were being loud, and this was a hotel after all.

One of the event-coordinators told Mr S. that she thought the Ron Paul "supporters" weren't even really Ron Paul supporters, that they were instead Occupy Wallstreeters carrying Ron Paul signs just to disrupt the event. But Mr. S and I saw no actual evidence of that.

Eventually they decided to go stand on an overpass in highway 101. You can see them in this video with a little commentary from me. If I would have been didicated enough I would have gotten you shots of Newt, and Cain - but I wasn't. So I didn't.

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  1. We really are Ron Paul supporters, we had an event at the hotel at 2:00pm. We were supposed to be there.