Thursday, February 23, 2012

No duh. Yes people still say that.

Germany says solar energy is path to bankruptcy, yet Obama doubles US down on it.

"One of the biggest national investors in green energy, Germany, is coming to the realization that green energy is the path to bankruptcy. This is nothing short of blasphemy in the green world to even make a partial admission that solar power is not the panacea it was promised to be."


  1. You know, if people would be smart enough, be realistic enough to admit that we need a holistic approach to our energy problems, that maybe wind and solar are and will only ever be augments or aspects of our overall energy plan, it might have a shot.

    Painting solar as this miraculous hope that remove, not simply reduce, or dependence on oil is just stupid.

    It's gonna be a lot of years before we ever have solar powered 18-wheelers. We're going to need oil based fuels for a long time, but the Greenists don't want to have to admit that. Rrrgggh.

  2. I totally agree. If people want to buy solar - more power to them. I even considered it myself at one point.

    I've just owned a few houses and tried to make my places more energy efficient. With an existing house, you really get negligible results. So I understood a lot of these companies were just flat out lying.

    I also mistakenly thought the government involvement would bring prices down - not try to keep them as high as possible. Then forcibly make you pay for it.

    I mean, there are tons of places that this is a viable option. It's more expensive than existing electricity - but if you have a place that doesn't have existing power - it's probably cheaper than creating infrastructure.

    Still we haven't made that much progress on panels since the 60's. They got 19% efficiency back then, and we are clapping about 15% now.