Monday, February 20, 2012

It's a mediocre world.

Over the weekend I went to the San Fransisco International Gift Fair.

The first time I went, they let me pay to get in. It was the first year of the recession, and you weren't suppose to be able to do that apparently. You are suppose to work in the field to be granted access. Which now that I think about it - what field is that? Master of trinkets? Now you have to have some level 5 security clearance to get in. You have to provide pay stubs and everything. It is completely ridiculous, and I declare these people are way to absorbed with themselves. Their stuff just isn't that amazing.

Now I just get in out of spite. Who are you to tell me I can't get in because I don't work in your sector?! Which is stupidly passive aggressive because the past couple of years have sucked.

The first couple of years I went, there was some interesting stuff. Like these splat balls. Piperoid figures. And Answer me Jesus.

This year they were clearly signaling that the vendors didn't expect to world to get appreciably better. In previous years, they had art - this year was filled with stationary, and stuff you would find at a hallmark store.

I did sort of like these LED bonsai tress from Arcliteinc.

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