Monday, January 17, 2011

Trailer parking for dummies.

I finally picked up my mini dozer this afternoon. I've never run a dozer before. But they are awesome. This particular dozer has treads, which make it so it can turn on a dime. Maturity on my part stops me from just doing donuts in the yard. Well, also I don't think I have enough room to rip out the front lawn. But if it weren't for that - donuts.

Oddly the hard part about the dozer is the bucket. This is something that a little experience is definitely a benefit. Also my yard is lumpy so it isn't as easy as dropping the bucket and waiting for magic. It takes a little skill to run a good line. It turns out my husband is amazing at this. Amazing!

We both apparently suck at backing trailers up. Which I didn't expect.

I wanted to back the trailer up to the rock bin to secure it. Making it so it is sandwiched between the bin and my truck. I didn't want to "lose" this trailer.

I couldn't do it for the life of me. I kept jackknifing it. I was sure if I could just get the truck and the trailer in a straight line I could just back it up.

Yeah. Not so much.

Finally we both decided we were going to park a car in back of the trailer. But as I was bringing it around the block I stopped and asked one of the car guys down the block how to do it. He has trailers all the time to carry his cars. He wound up just coming down to do it, and I drove him back home in the chrysler. Awesome.

Although I still don't know how to do it. I was in just such awe of how good he was at it I wasn't paying attention to how he was turning the wheel. No matter which way I turned the wheel the trailer wanted to turn into the street.

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