Wednesday, January 26, 2011

All elbows.

Today, I'm kind of in a surly mood about contractors.

I've been trying to get my yard prepped for sod installation. So if it ever rains again, nature will help me get it established.

A few weeks ago we took out those concrete pads, and needed to re-run some of the sprinklers to give that area coverage. Which normally would be no big deal. Except I found out pretty quickly the previous contractor was a huge bill padder. And just generally - an asshole.

Giving the contractor the benefit of the doubt - his reason for installing all these elbows is so you can tilt the sprinklers left/right, up down. Except it doesn't actually achieve this result. Max you get one turning radius. I especially love the combination of metal parts and plastic parts. Metal has got to be three/four times the cost of plastic.

Not to mention - every junction is a leak point. And, it's not even like a lot of money in parts. But you just know this is the kind of guy that soaked the old woman that lived here for the install. They charge a lot of money for this stuff. It isn't rocket science. Just labor intensive. So they can get away with it.

Oh, I can't forget about all the places where he ran pipe where it just ran back in the direction it came.

I do look forward to my new water pressure. Still - I only tore out half of the sprinklers. I hope I don't get a bug up my ass to tear out the other ones.

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