Tuesday, January 04, 2011

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  1. Singularity first, then space-living.

    I see the singularity coming, and coming fast. Just... not that fast.

  2. Technically, we already are, with months long tours on the ISS, and it's always manned by somebody.

    As far as permanent settlements? Dunno. I know the human body doesn't do well in extended zero-g, so long-term colonies would have to be ground based. Mars, maybe? Maybe 50 years for that, if they keep the government out of it and find some sort of profit motivation.

  3. Steve beat me to it (that's what I get for not checking your blog regularly): ISS. Long-term ground based, though? Probably not in my lifetime. (So can I vote twice?) ;P

  4. I think I set the poll up so you could vote twice.

    I just get the feeling with devices getting smaller and smaller, and the huge effort in packaging reduction/recycling - it is setting us up for the possibility of living in space. Where you'll have to live minimally.

    Social media is creating an environment where people more easily accept living in large group environments. And what about that space airport