Friday, January 07, 2011

Jerry Pournelle sighting at CES.

Mr S. wanted me to post this picture. Because if there is anything we glean from my you - is that you all are readers. Most likely scifi readers. He thought you'd enjoy this shot. I didn't know who he was.

I, of course, am illiterate and riddled with ADD. So, if its longer than three pages, I probably won't read it.

Jerry is quite spry for an 80 year old. I got two shots off, then lost sight of him. Tried to track him down, but he'd vanished in three seconds. Which was amazing since he was wearing a tan jacket and most people were wearing dark suits.

Sidenote - I just realized I got Mr S. in this shot. He's to the right looking down.


  1. Pournelle's 80??? Dang. Maybe he took off his coat because he realized you were "stalking" him, Ms. Paparazzi. ;) He looks a bit hunted in that shot!

    Mr. S. was right, BTW, I fit that demographic profile, although I have no idea what my favorite SciFi authors look like. Never bothered to find out.

  2. Yeah - pretty close to 80.

    Mr S. didn't recognize him at first either. Everyone wears badges with their names on them. It's really unnerving to have someone call you by your first name at a place where you know no one knows you. It also probably sucks if you are trying to go all stealth. Jerry seemed a little surprised to be recognized.