Monday, December 13, 2010

A typically Californian moment.

Mr S. and I went to "the city" this weekend mainly to buy a new coffee maker from from a decidedly snooty sounding store down at the Ferry Building. The price was roughly the same as Amazon.

Something weird has started occurring lately. The emergence of "lifetime guarantees".

Kitchen stores sometimes have this kind of thing, but twice in the past week I've been offered a lifetime guarantee on something. Which I think is complete and utter bullshit. I don't believe for a minute they will honor that. At any rate - this store was offering it. Whatever.

We parked a couple of blocks away so we could take BART to other parts of the city that seemed like a pain in the ass to drive around. The city was packed this weekend.

Anyway. We walk out of the store with this huge box. I tell Mr S. - I will go get the car.

No - he says, it's only a couple of blocks. Yeah, but there is a loading zone right there! I can just park - I reply. He wasn't having any of it. Right then I spot a pedicab. Which is a bike cab.

Hey - can you take us two blocks? With our coffee maker? Which he agreed to.

Right then I felt like I'd fallen into a commercial for Visa or something. Bikes own the city. They are more important than cars. SF shuts down the roads, I think, once a week in areas to let nothing but bikes ride on them. Pedicabs will drive like they are cars. In the middle of the road.

So, imagine the Bay Bridge as a backdrop. In the middle lane of traffic, sitting in a pedicab - with a giant coffeemaker box that is taking up both our laps.

If that was someone else - I'd have definitely gotten a picture of that.

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