Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So - that is how you get all the good parking spots!

Strolled up to BART a few weekends ago and went to find a parking spot. Since we live in an earthquake zone - I like to park on the top deck.

Somehow I like to think that if the parking decks collapse, I will just get a helicopter to fly in there and pluck my undamaged car from the top deck. I know that is not the case. Still, my obsession continues with parking on the top deck.

Anyway. This is where we were greeted with radiation tape blocking off the whole area. Which immediately made me want to explore. But I didn't because I had somewhere to go. I thought staying at the line made for funnier pictures anyway.

Especially with this apocalyptic minivan sitting behind the tape strewn with garbage. Like someone had been sleeping in it.

If you zoom in more, you can see the radiation tape on the top of the car. So it must have belonged to the worker. Who was basically using a machine that looked an awful lot like an arc welder.

I wonder if he signs something to possess that tape? There must be some punishment for using it in random places. Like I would do.


  1. A sure sign of the impending Zombie apocalypse! It always begins with a small mysterious chemical accident..

    ...was it really an accident??

  2. I've been trying to think of a witty response for two days.

    I've got nothin. Sorry.