Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Failure In three's.

Dust on my lens. Tent ruins shot. So I didn't post it. This was from the summer at the Marin Art Festival.

Somehow a black widow managed to get bisected by my garage door. You know how slow those doors move. Right? Not a great shot, but a lesson in how being all poisonous is better than being fast. I've tried to post this shot many times. It never made it.

This is from a restaurant in Sacramento called Orphan.

Sacramento has the best restaurants ever. But they take you all day. You always have to wait hours to get in or out. I hate that. Still, the next time I'm in Saccy - I will probably stop by this place.

They don't allow you to have catchup. No seriously. And, I'd still go back.

The interesting thing about this place is that it's a restaurant slapped in the middle of a residential neighborhood. And, not a crappy one. Hence the name Orphan. It is the only business for blocks. It's charming in a way.

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