Monday, December 06, 2010

Photography is a series of failures.

I thought maybe I'd post some of the stuff that didn't make it onto the blog for whatever reason.

I took this one a couple of weeks ago.


  1. That's amazingly cool. How is that a failure?

  2. Gorgeous! The failures must have been the shots before and after, but this one's quite perfect. :)

  3. I can count at least five reasons. Dust on my lens. Too hazy. I think it would be a better picture without those birds. Not crisp enough. And generally didn't capture the colors as they were in real life.

    I know. You feel sad for me. It's the gap between how I see the world and how the world really looks which makes me constantly have a giant crowbar up the ars about how my shots come out

    Thank you both though.

  4. I think the birds make the photo. It'd be a nice landscape on its own, but the birds give is an energy and character that a straight landscape would have. IMHO.

    BTW, a program like Photshop would allow you to at contrast and remove the haze effect. Kind of "cheating", but it can really enhance a photo, as well as edit out dust marks.

    Or, you know, clean your lens!!

  5. "wouldn't have" not "would have"

  6. Yep - that is about the same conversation I had with Mr S. ;)

    Though I do clean my lens, obsessively. Dust is everywhere it seems. Cleaning and cleaning. Dust appearing. It never stops.

    I am conflicted about touch ups. So for now.. there is dust in my shots sometimes.