Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I still've got nuthin'. Basically. Saffron needed to go to the vet to get refills for her eye drops. So I took her to the hardware store.

One of the things about California in the last few years is just how pet friendly we've become. I was going to get shots of her next to the shovels, but meh. I get to the checker. Is that a bunny in the bag - he asks. Hey, guess what is in the bag - he shouts to another checker.

Her - Uuuuhm. A dog? Sounding unimpressed.

Him - No a bunny.

Ooohs and awwhs all around.


  1. Here's the conversation I had with the Kid in the car the other day.

    Her: Sierra bought a pink rabbits foot at the Holiday Store.

    Me: There are pink rabbits?

    Her: I don't know. Can I get one too?

    Me: Why would you want a dead animal's foot?

    Her: It's good luck, and it was really soft.

    Me: Not so lucky for the rabbit though.

    Her:........so can I?

    Me: No, it's gross.

    Her: But soft! And good luck!

    Ew! I need to show her picture of your bunnies. See what she thinks then.

    Are they real rabbits feet, and where the heck do they get them from? I shudder to think!

  2. They are real rabbit feet. They typically taken from rabbits which were killed for meat. It's just something to do with the extra bits that aren't meat or useful fur.

  3. So, how do I keep my rabbits from freaking out every time I go to pick them up? You'd think I was pulling a leg off.

    I may have traumatized them when they were kittens. Or whatever baby rabbits are called. Rabettes?

  4. Nevermind. YouTube is my friend. I should make a video on how NOT to pick your rabbit. Sheesh.

  5. Wow. Rabbits feet are back? I haven't heard of anyone carrying them since Peta became main stream. I thought everyone had been guilted out of them.

    I think rabbits feet are something that all little kids are into. Like troll dolls. Which were popular at the same time as rabbits feet. I think everyone just grows out of it.

    Steve - I thought you were kidding about that. I think a lot comes down to the breed. Smaller bunnies are higher strung.

    Saffron becomes a little Blair Witch still. They can still be good pets. You just can't always let them have free will. Or they will never acclimate. A good firm hand under the butt helps. Bunnies also like to be squeezed a little.

    Don't pop the bunny.

    But they seem to feel comforted by firm pressure. The inclination is to be overly gentle because they are fragile. A little firmness goes a long way.

    What breed do you have? What makes you think you traumatized them?

    P.S. How great is it that youtube has become the new learning annex? Youtube will teach you to do anything. It's musically awesome.

  6. Tip: Bunnies hate dangling in the air. They like to have all 4 paws firmly on something, either the ground, or you. They start to panic when they're not 'grounded'.

    So when picking up your bunny, minimize the 'hang time'. Scoop him up and get his feet planted on your chest quickly.

  7. Mr. S - yeah, I made that mistake earlier on, and couldn't figure out why he was freaking out. I was thinking "cat."

    Figured out the scoop-the-butt thing, and keep them low to the ground. I think part of it now is just getting used to it, because I haven't really handled him much until now. Turns out he's very friendly.

    The "trauma" probably came pretty early on when I picked him up the wrong way trying to put him in the cage and he caught me good with back claws in his panic, and I basically dropped him into his cage from about three feet up (accidentally - my own reaction to being clawed).

    I've got one Lionhead, and the other one is, uh "white with a couple of spots." Not sure of the breed.

  8. Naaa. You are all good. There isn't a bunny owner alive that hasn't had a good drop. Usually because they try to scramble out of your arms. I bet you are more traumatized than it.

    We almost got a lionhead once. We've been leaning away from the sheddier breeds. They are super cute breed though.

  9. We call him "emo bunny" because of the way the all hair hangs over his eyes.

    That, or "Cousin It."