Saturday, October 30, 2010

Typical Silicon Valley.

Today I started out thinking I was going to go to the John Stuart Rally in San Francisco. That is - until I watched some of the DC one on TV. Where I about lost my mind with boredom.

I don't know what the point of that whole thing was. They sure showed the Tea Party who was edgy! I mean, what were they trying to do? Prove they were less interesting than old people? In case no one has informed them - or none of them have blogs. Sane is boring. There is nothing entertaining about sane. That is why things are always a shock on election day. All those sane people stay home biding their time.


Instead I went for cheese steaks at Amatos in Campbell. On the drive down we saw this Ferrari 458 Italia just sitting in a Fry's parking lot. This years model. Which was infinitely more awesome then the Restore Sanity tour. But, who takes a Ferrari to Fry's? And what were they buying? A cable tie?

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