Sunday, October 03, 2010

Getting lost is awesome.

Display from Antonio and Elexia Cardenas.

Mr S. and I were going up to San Leandro to the Sausage and Suds festival. Having never been to San Leandro - we wound up getting a little off track and found ourselves driving by a house that had this huge ghost rider in the front yard.

Definitely photo worthy. I had to stop. It had to be 15 - 20 feet long and took up half their front hard.

I was just going to pop out of the car and get a couple of shots. Mr S. stayed in the car reading tweets probably.

When I walked up, they were still working on it - so I asked if I could take pictures. The husband said sure, take as many shots as you want. Before I knew it he had a calendar in my hand. Apparently they do something big every year.

They were super excited about talking about it. Which was entertaining. They had done some very clever things to put this whole thing together. Baking pans made up the motor. It was just really refreshing to see how hard they'd worked on it. With some very clever solutions to putting the whole thing together. Clearly they were proud of the way it was turning out. For good reason.

By this time I must have been talking to them for 10 minutes or so. Mr S. knows me well enough to know that there must be something really interesting going on - or I need rescuing.

All of a sudden they told us they were ball room dancers and wanted to show us the dance floor they'd built in their living room. They had already revealed they were realtor's to me. They were telling us about what they'd built last year for Halloween. And, showing us their whole property. The place wasn't for sale if you were wondering. They had us sit down in their cabana area. I almost expected them to shove a glass of wine in my hand.

They were really lovely people. Ambitious. Clever. Eclectic. It was one of those random fun moments in time.

I can't figure out if I should plug them. They seemed like such nice people. But, I have a guy with his ass exposed two posts down. They don't have pictures of the previous Halloween builds. Just the real estate listings.


  1. I saw go for it, people searching for info on them aren't going to see what order you posted in, just the post that they were looking for. I think it's very creative and who knows it could boost their property value if they could get the rest of the neighborhood to participate. There are lots of people who like these types of eclectic things. I'm trying to grow an abandon car on one of my trees right now. Someday I'll turn it into a tree house

  2. "I'm trying to grow an abandon car on one of my trees right now. "

    If I get lost in your neighborhood - I'm definitely blogging that.

    Which model?

  3. Davis, you may want to look up the answer to this classic brain teaser... (question 1)

    The answer has bearing on your future treehouse. :-)

  4. I'm not sure what type of car it is, but it looks like it might have been a jeep or maybe even a go kart. It's pretty light so I'm not worried about the tree's ability to lift it. I tried to give it away on Craigslist twice and only got flakes so decided that this was a better option. I'm not sure what the answer to the brain teaser is because I end up with a 350 foot tall tree when I did the math. The one I'm using is a fig tree and will probably take 15 years to get 15 feet off the ground. I could always mount it on an existing tree though which is something I've been thinking about. For now though, I like the idea of my baby tree engulfing the car and lifting it off the ground naturally. It will make it much harder for future owners to remove my work of art.

  5. I think the bigger brainteaser here is Mr S. - what are you doing reading thegrandparents network?!

  6. [Davis]: "I'm not sure what the answer to the brain teaser is because I end up with a 350 foot tall tree when I did the math."

    It's a trick question -- it looks like an algegbra question, but it's not. It's a botany question.