Monday, October 25, 2010

Don't worry. We will nationalize you last.

Tenet Healthcare has decided to pull out supporting a money losing medical clinic in Yosemite.

Does anyone really have any idea of how many medical facilities in the US are loosing money? I would wager - most of them. What does that matter though? President Money Bags will come in and save the day. The government has never met a money losing venture they didn't like.

Feds step in to keep Yosemite medical clinic open. Via Sfgate.

"The federal government will take over the health care needs of the thousands of tourists, rangers, rock climbers, hikers and residents of Yosemite Valley who get injured and sick.

The U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps will become the new head honcho at the Yosemite Clinic starting Jan. 1, Yosemite National Park Superintendent Don Neubacher announced."

The larger comedy of all this is the clinic tried to find qualified applicable buyers. Who could ya financially capable of running the place. To no avail. They couldn't find anyone to run it without needing a subsidy from the government. So they government stepped in to say - no big woop. We don't care how much money you lose. We have a printing press. We will just fund you entirely.


"The bidders, whom Altman declined to name, had to meet park terms and conditions and demonstrate managerial and financial capabilities to operate the clinic. None of the bidders met all three of the criteria, she said.

Yosemite wanted the clinic to continue as a concession, Medema said, but without a viable concession proposal, another option open to Yosemite was to find someone willing to enter into a procurement contract.

Under a procurement contract, the park could pay a contractor an amount not collected from patients or insurance companies to cover the costs of running the clinic, Medema said.

A procurement contract for a medical clinic inside a park is not unheard of, he said. The Grand Canyon clinic operates under such an agreement, he said.

But that means the park could be in the "position of the National Park Service having to subsidize the operation," he said.

Yosemite's goal is to find a contractor who will operate the clinic without a subsidy from the federal government, Medema said."

On some level they have worn me down. I'm tired of fighting it. This will be a grand tax on people who can't do math. Producers will get more and more tired of funding inefficiency. Because, when the government comes in to save the day over and over - no one learns how to do things better with less money.

Then who will fund this? The people who pay very little taxes now? I don't know why I even bother asking.

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