Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I don't care about lasers.

This weekend I found myself with some time to kill. So, we wound up going into on of those Halloween super stores. Have you ever been in one? They have everything you can ever imagine for the holiday.

Back in the day, when I was still prone to dressing up - we used every day items. Which is probably a good spot to tell you about the time Mr S. had me glue a conjoined twin on his face for Halloween. With rubber cement. And, wound up with chemical burns. Lesson learned!

This was a couple of years ago. I think these stores were just starting to get popular. It would have been helpful to realize massive stores sold everything you could ever need. Including probably some kind of non toxic glue.

Anyway. I immediately had my eye on this laser diffuser. If any of you need to ask why, you haven't been reading this blog long enough.

The running floor model was the only one they had left. Much to my enjoyment these people were ready to sell things. They would have sold me the wallpaper off the walls if I had expressed an interest. Which is refreshing.

They cut me a deal because the thing no longer rotated. Which didn't matter. I wanted to take it home and play stupid pet tricks on Paisley.

Paisley is super aware of her surroundings. You can't leave a shirt on the sofa over night without her freaking out. I'm sure it goes a little like - hey, is that a bear? It's a bear. Right? For sure that is a bear. Wake everyone up! Then she starts stamping. Without exception.

She freaks out over all sorts of things. One of the most entertaining was a test swatch I'd painted on the wall. From time to time she can be quite amusing.

Lasers though.. nothing. Completely fine.


  1. No. Not yet. You have to admit though.... best disco ball ever!

    It does make your eyes dry though. And fatigued. I'm not sure you are suppose to use it inside.

  2. I've had my rabbits for almost a year, and they still freak out whenever I come near the cage. I mean, I only tried to eat them that once...

  3. That joke really is irresistible.

    A couple of weeks ago I was driving near downtown and someone was walking a pig. So I whipped out to talk to them. You don't see it every day after all.

    When I got back to the car I had to laugh because I had the irresistible urge to make bacon jokes.

    Two days later I was driving the same area. The people were wheeling that pig around in a baby carriage. Take that for what you want. It was just an odd part of the story.