Saturday, October 23, 2010

What would you have done?

Would you have called this guy in? He wasn't so much swerving as he was just not driving in the lines.

If it would have been at night - I probably would have called him in right away. Since it was at 11:30 in the morning and he wasn't coming even close to any other cars I was hesitant to think he was drunk. Also he would go for long stretches where he seemed just fine.

It was a very borderline event to me. Since he was getting off the freeway anyway - I wasn't going to stalk him.

It's easy to tell someone they should have called him in, but would have you called him in? And why.


  1. What's the problem with reporting someone who obviously doesn't know where the right side of his car is? If he's not drunk, then the cops should figure out what the hell is wrong with him. And what difference does the time of day make? No one gets killed by a drunk driver during the day?

    You know, real drunks stay mostly in control. Lo these many years ago, Small Keyser went to a big wedding with Keyser Sr. in some northern suburb of Chicago (they have a lot of Hungarians, there, you know), and coming back home (or at least attempting to do so), Keyser Sr. was apparently in control of the car (or so it seemed) but was completely incapable of figuring out how to get back home. When Small Keyser suggested following the gigantic green interstate signs that read "Chicago" with a big arrow, Keyser Sr. was ecstatic at this apparently miraculous revelation. Whoever would have imagined that it was that easy to get home? And what would the consequences have been if some instantaneous event had happened that a drunk mind was incapable of dealing with?

    Anywyay, if you don't know where the edge of your lane is, you have no business being on the road, whatever the cause. Report 'em the next time!

  2. Maybe the car is haunted? That's what we say about our cat, when she behaves strangely. Which is several times per day, actually.

    Anyway, yeah. I made the mistake of reading KS's answer before formulating my own, so I was all, "tough call, I don't really know...", but now I'm all "people need to stay in their lanes!"

    What gets me is the weirdness of it. A guy's fiddling with the radio, or texting somebody, he swerves out of true, and then recovers and gets lined up again.

    He keeps screwing around, and it happens repeatedly. This whole business of sedately picking an out-of-lane line of travel, and sticking to it without swerving? That's just wrong.

    I guess mainly I'd call it in because it's so weird. And also because I called in a bad driver once before, so that cherry's been busted I guess. Besides, we followed that guy for like 25 miles, and nobody came out to bust him. I'd be hoping to see some cop action the next time.

  3. I guess my reticence is - we have really horrible drivers here. I would probably be reporting people all the time if I did so based on being heebed out by them.

    Just that morning at breakfast - this woman was backing out of a space without looking. Another car was also backing out of the corresponding spot on the other side of the lot.

    She finally noticed the other guy and pulled back in the spot. But, not before she tried to jump the chalk block. Twice. She had huge scrapes on her front bumper. So I moved out of the place I was standing in front of the restaurant. It was clear she was not a great driver. Seems like a chronic problem around here.

    There aren't enough resources to handle them all.