Thursday, October 28, 2010

The new Spam zone. In the clouds.

I know 80% of you will not watch the video. So, you have to put up with my crappy picture where my lens is all full of crap.

Hey, life is about spontaneity. This whole event was over in 30 seconds max.

I really love these types of moments. If feels like if you blink - you will just miss the whole thing. And if you didn't document it, you might think you dreamt it.

I don't know why these people were over my house. They are based in Las Vegas. Northern California doesn't show up on any of their stops. I haven't seen any footage from the Giants game where they showed either.

At any rate. I kind of enjoyed the whole thing. For now. Until they start putting up penis enlargement ads, and giving you groupons from Applebees.