Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Already home.

There is something about Santa Cruz I just love. Deeply love. I can't describe it. It is about as polar opposite as my little conforming yuppie suburb. Which is fast paced and bumless. Mostly. Here, our hippie count is low - and I like it that way.

I haven't lived in that area in so long - I forget about how "out" the counter culture is. They are amusing and annoying all rolled up in a bow.

At any rate - I was walking down the street this weekend and glanced over at this house.

Hey Mr S! Is pot just legal here now? Which is kinda funny, because it's never been that illegal there. I'd say it falls under the category of tolerated. Unless you get all shitty. Then they will toss you in jail. If they have to.

Still, just walking down a city street, you wouldn't see a grow. Even a small one. They were reserved to houses more in the woods. They were pretty much the worst kept secret ever.

Of course I didn't get that close of a picture. Because, that is just creepy. The lighter plant is a reflection from the hedge. The plants in the sill clearly looked like pot.

With the vote just three weeks off though - it made me wonder.. who will set up shops first? Oakland is trying to set the land speed record. Finally something they will excel at. Yeah. I said it. Their MJ superstore after all is talking about going IPO. Too bad all the great ticker symbols are taken. I guess HEMP is open.

Still, Santa Cruz seems like a natural.

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