Monday, September 22, 2008

Why are you all up in my biznatch?

My network went out this morning. Since I couldn't work, I figured I'd go out and pick up a couple of things from the store. I'm pretty pissed because this is the second time this week. I just had a tech out on Saturday.

Anyway.. I have two items. There are two people in front of me. The guy in front of me has one item. French bread. Yeah.. I know a lot of my store posts revolve around French Bread. I'm attracted to it.

Anyway.. this gives me the impression I can get through the line quickly. I mean.. people with French bread have things to do right? Like slather butter or something?

The checker starts ringing me up. All of a sudden he asks "what are you cooking"? I'm not in the mood for small talk. I quickly debate an answer in my head, and finally come up with a "nothing" and a shrug. This doesn't put off the checker. I'm guessing he isn't keen to taking the hint that I don't want to talk.

So he continues on. "So... you just like mozzarella and sour cream"? WTF? Yes.. yes I do. By this time, there are now 5 people in line behind me because Mr. Chatty can't ring right up two items without getting everyone's life story.

I get home to find my network still down. It has been more than an hour. So, I call Comcast. And.... let.... me... tell you.. the scab from these people is so raw. I want to yell at every single one of them. This weekend I'd had enough and went looking for a different provider. I might talk about that later - but I'm getting off track.

So, I tell the guy I want to know when I'll get my connection back. I work from home. Which makes him ask "oh-what do you do"?

What does it f-ing matter? Just get my connection back up. Irritating.

I'm obviously back up now. The tech was sure my modem was the problem. Even though I told him the on-site tech this weekend tested it and said it was fine. Amazingly - I just got a call from them saying they had an outage. After making sure my connection was up - they canceled my on-site call. Oh wait! The phone tech said I wasn't part of an outage. What does he know?.

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