Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I find more annoying people.

So this weekend we went out to the mega Scottish Games. This is the one where people fly in from everywhere. At the end, they get all the bagpipers together to play amazing grace. There must be several hundred of them. There is nothing like it.

I also wanted to make another attempt at the twinkie thing. I think it will be my last one. I'm not sure why I got such a bug up my ass about them. Maybe it's because now I can't find them. At any rate - I hope I'm over it.

The other thing that happened is.... I found a whole new group of people to want to beat the ever loving crap out of. This is how it happened.

I'd just gotten done cussing out the British for their boiled, tasteless concoctions. In this case - bangers. I'd never had one. Now, I hate British food. That's right. All of it. I can't get behind a country that boils everything.

Anyway.. we were on our way out the gate, and we walk through this area where a bunch of people were gathering. They were setting up a bird of prey show. We figure.. hell - why not hang out and see it. Maybe I can get some interesting shots.

I try to make my way to the front. Which, I'm somewhat successful at. Once I get there I'm stuck behind this tall guy with a straw hat. Now.. let me tell you. It pisses me to no end that people who have a foot on me feel the need to be in the front row. But,listen tall guy.. you are such a complete asshole for being tall in the front row with a big straw hat.

At this point they start displaying the birds in the middle of the crowd. Mr S. has staked up a position on the periphery. Because he's tall. And nice.

This is all I can see.

Mr S. motions me to the back where he is. He's staked out a spot that has something for me to stand on. Because he loves me.

Even standing on something - while being on my tippy toes, I find it hard not to get shots of f-ing hats. At this point - I'm pissed off enough I just want to start doing the windmill.

I did manage to get these two shots. But it was a considerable amount of work.

As we are leaving I'm bitching up a storm about the people in straw hats. This is when I notice they are everywhere. Those people didn't bother me one bit until the bird of prey area. Then they really f-ing bothered me. Look - they were everywhere. Laying in wait to piss me off.

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