Sunday, September 28, 2008

The intersection of Middle and Nowhere.

Readers - I haven't spent much time in Northern California. Normally I go South, or East. Or, just plain out of the State.

A few hours North - I found places unlike I'd ever known. Hundreds of miles of deeply forested twisty roads. Places where it took you an hour and a half to go 33 miles. It isn't like I hadn't been in this type of terrain before. It was how long it stretched.

So long in fact, at points you prayed for a car to pass you on the road (well, I did because I'm neurotic)- to provide some comfort that if you broke down, someone would be able to find you. There might have been some talk about werewolves. Mr S. assured me that if werewolves got us, that we would simply be reanimated and there would be no need for anyone to find our bodies. It was like being in the belly of the world people. We were somewhere in here.

Somewhere out there actually exists a beach.

Houses were few and far between. And if you did pass by one, those houses sat overlooking a vast canyon of nothing but deep forest. It was somewhere on the way down that I actually became a little claustrophobic about the whole thing. I've come to realize that I love being able to see the horizon. Sure hanging around in the trees for a few hours is fine. This however, was not a few hours.

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