Monday, September 01, 2008

Even in the dark ages.

Twinkie count = 0.

I'm starting to think the illusive deep fried twinkie is just a myth.


MdG said...

Did you get all Medieval this weekend? Us too!!
No fried twinkies at ours either.

she said: said...

Oooh! What kind of weird people did you see?

MdG said...

Lots of weird people. But my main gripe is when does Goth start to = period medieval? Wouldn't they have been burned at the stake? I saw one gal dressed up as Gaiman's Death, eye swirly and everything.

she said: said...

Wow.. I had to look that one up. Way to out obscure me.

I'm not even sure when goth became popular! I would have never bet on creepy underground - to OOOH scary kids - to ooh popular goth kids.

I think it just also freaks me out that everything rebellious is now mainstream and cookie cutter.

I'm not even sure what is considered rebellious right now. Certainly not goth.