Tuesday, September 09, 2008

It is -so- not over.

A few days ago Mr S. came home and asked "when do you think we'll be going to the city again". (From now until forever.. "The city, is San Fransisco")

I look at him with a raised eyebrow. Give him a nervous laugh and say "I don't know - why"?

You see... it is very unusual for Mr S. to want to go to the city. The Peds (pedestrians) make you want to get a freebie off (ie - run them over). I'm not sayin' it's right - but I understand. And, the people who park in one of the two driving lanes causing you to merge in bumper to bumper traffic pretty much make you want to get a second off. Still not right. Mostly.

So again, it was odd for him to ask. I thought possibly a brain tumor was causing him to act irrationally.

Anyway.. I tell him "you never want to go to the city, why do you ask"?

Him - Well, I found a place in the city that serves deep fried twinkies.

Me - YOU DID? There isn't any place else but San Fransisco to get them?

Him - No. So the next time we go - we should try to stop there.

Me - well... I better go look on Yelp to see if this place even still exists. That way we can just put it out of our minds if the place isn't open any more.

FYI - Yelp is my new favorite review site. And this is why. I went over and yelped the place. Smooth as Butter. No one had yelped it yet.

BUT - I ran across reviews for a place called Butter Love Bakeshop. Readers! You have to read the reviews. Many are works of writing genius. You must read them all. Because most are really funny.


  1. Ok those reviews are hilarious! So when do plan to go try the goodies then?

  2. That sounds like my kind of place!
    The deGallo family really should own some cows, because we eat so much butter.
    Piko deGallo proudly declares "I LOOOOOOve budd-ah!!" That might not be such a good thing.

    Best of luck on your twinkie quest. Though, do you think that they will taste as good when you're not surrounded by carnies?

  3. Carmamaena - I'm not sure. That one place - you have to order a week in advance. But, the reviews totally make you want to try it, right?

    MDG - well... aren't there some cows living in your backyard?

    Anyway...I think the twinnkies might be better at a restaurant. Just like a week ago, there was a tv show that featured deep fried twinkies. And they made it look like some fabulous desert with some kind of red topping stuff.