Sunday, September 28, 2008

Unexpected political endorsements.

The original idea was to go out and have breakfast. Come home and get my posts out from yesterday before I lost the passion about them. As soon as we got downtown we realised something was goin' on there.

"Oh crap" I say. I think there was suppose to be a car show or something. We better whip home and get the camera. If we go to breakfast then go home, I predict we will never go back out today".

So.. back to the house we head.

After breakfast we walk over to the downtown area. I'd already told Mr S. - "this is only going to take like 15 minutes. Like shopping. In and out". I was not in the mood for a car show after all that driving yesterday.

Two hours later.

Anyway. I saw this chick from like a block away and had to hunt her down as ask if I could take a picture of her and the kid. I especially like to ask when taking pictures of children. It is a creepy - creepy world. And even though I'm always goes a long way to ask before shuttering. Even though it doesn't look like it - they are posing for me.

I just loved the shot - because the gal was full on tattooed. Purple hair, and single child bearing. If I had to guess. Single mom. Isn't that Ooombamas demo?

We rarely even see McCain/Palin stickers. It is mostly Obama country.


  1. Actually, no. The demographic is educated, professional, feminist, left/right coast types. Purple hair and tattoes is definitely "fly-over" country, no? (Regardless of where the specimen may actually be found.) Also, that purse doesn't really scream Gucci, and the studded belt and bra strap sticking out of the wife beater just add to the effect--definitely not the sort to caucus for the Great One (Mrs. S. insists that term refers to Wayne Gretzky, but she's just being difficult).

    Anyway, it's a great photo. The little girl standing passively in her mother's shadow and holding her hand while wearing a shirt whose message she's unlikely to understand is very evocative (regardless of any political interpretation).

  2. Thanks!

    I had a witty-er reply.. but this is all I can muster right now.

    I sort of pegged her for punk rocker chick. A demo I'm guessing isn't going to vote for the old man.