Sunday, November 18, 2007

Today I was a hippy.

Most of my regular readers probably know - I don't give a shit about saving the earth. But I do care about delicious home grown tomatoes! Which is why I found myself at a worm farm this afternoon. Our city gives us deals on "green" things. Like compost bins, and worm bins. They also tell you where the local worm farms are.

So, Mr S. and I make an appointment with the worm farmer, and we drive to the next city over to get them.

I shit you not.. this was the most high end place to buy worms on earth. I expected it to be some trailer on the edge of town. But it wasn't. It was some guys house. But the house backed up to a country club. They had to be million dollar homes. I mean... look at the neighbors gate.

I never did see the farm, or the farmer. He left the worms in a cooler in the garage, and we just left our money. But, I was entertained by the whole process.

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