Saturday, November 10, 2007

Snakes on a plane.

I mean bunnies!

We wound up taking Paisley and Saffron with us. Saffron traveled well. Paisley was her normal pain in the ass self.

She went off her kibble 3 days in. Which was a calculated risk. There was an equal chance she would have done that if we left her at home, and we weren't sure our bunny sitter would be able to deal with the allergy issue.

Since it comes on so fast, we figured it was better to have her with us so we could monitor her. Thankfully she wanted hay and carrot tops, or else we would have had to see the vet while we were there.

We were fabulously happy with our sitter though. The cameras went down 2 days into the trip. For some reason that happened the last time we went out of town too. Don'tcha just love technology? Totally different brand of security cameras. So we couldn't see how the bunnies were faring.

At any rate - 3 days in, the sitter actually called us to inform us the camera lights had changed somehow. She medicated Jane for her glaucoma.

Even though I felt very neurotic about how the bunnies were doing, the sitter was so sharp - I just let her do her job and not annoy the hell out of her with my stupid worrying. See.. I can be normal when I have to.

I of course also gave her a big tip. She did a great job just making me feel reassured the bunnies were in good hands. That woman is a saint. I bet you need to have a very calm personality to take care of peoples pets.

On a side note.. I think the bunnies are capable of missing us. Sometimes I wonder how much I read into their personalities. When we got home Kirby ran right up to the cage door, and when I stuck my face in she started kissing and kissing me. It was so cute and sweet.

Oh yeah! Continental Airlines continues to get major props for how they handle people bringing pets onto the flight. They are always super nice and professional.


  1. I was wondering how the bunnies were doing while you were gone. You didn't make mention of any problems, so I figured all was good.

    That's great that you found a good pet sitter. That is the one thing that we hate doing when we're planning a trip. We had a great guy from Sarge's work who used to do it for us. Sure he used our dog as a chick magnet, and had sex in our guest room, but at least it wasn't *OUR* room! And the dog absolutely loved him. But he had to go and get married and move away. That bastard!

  2. Okay, I don't get it. How did you take the bunnies with you on the plane *and* leave them at home with the sitter? My brain is not smart enough to figure it out.

  3. " How did you take the bunnies with you on the plane *and* leave them at home with the sitter?"

    We have more than two bunnies.