Tuesday, November 06, 2007

It's for the greater good.

I'm home now.

As we were flying somewhere over nothingness - that place where there are more stars in the sky than lights on the ground, I began to yearn for light pollution. A sign of all those things that generally annoy me. Crouds, lines, traffic.

Once we hit a mountain range - which I assume was somewhere over Utah, I could see the vivid sprawl of lights and cities. Civilization.

I became happy.

You see, I've just spent a week in a place where people yearn for nothing to ever change. They stay in the same jobs pretty much all their lives. They detest that new 5 story building going up on the other side of town. They have the same friends since childhood.

When the kids do come back from their exciting jobs in other states, the people who've remained have that wistful look in their eye that says "if I'd only done something different with my life".

But generally they are the type of folk who like their routine lives.. and never would have strayed far from the place they were born anyway.

I have some pictures.. but I'm not going to post many. The place was a picturesque postcard around ever corner, and how much of that can you see before you get bored.

We got lucky that there were still leaves on the trees. We didn't get the pique leaf colors, but I was just happy we had sun until 2 hours before we hopped our plane to leave. All the other times I've visited everything is just grey. Grey sky, grey everything.

Apparently today it was suppose to sleet and snow. How great was that timing?

I also have some rants.. obviously. But I'll have to save that for tomorrow. I'm sleep deprived.

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