Tuesday, November 13, 2007

In the end.

Some of you might remember I was talking about buying a house before we left for bitchopalooza. (Read here) We are in the end stages, so I guess we are.

When we started looking at the house, we knew that both owners had died. Their kids came in and looted the place. Taking only valuables, leaving only trash. The kids let the bank foreclose. Which really is the only reason I could bring myself to buy this house. Morally, the bank is a nameless faceless entity.

The story of the family we've found out is pretty sad. As if whats above isn't sad enough.

This weekend my agent friend who lives across the street called me to say there was a giant truck at the house, and they were removing all the garbage. She was pretty animated because the large truck was full, and they were pouring crap out on the lawn. Somewhat of a spectacle. So Mr S. and I rushed over.

This is when all the neighbors started sizing us up. Doing essentially what neighbors do. They were all very kind. But - the dead people house is making their property values tank, and besides.. its just a sad situation. I think they just wanted some reassurance things were going to be fine.

At any rate.. the neighbors gave us the story of the owners. BTW - No matter what you think your neighbors know about you.. chances are they know a lot.

This is how the story goes.

Apparently the wife had some kind of MS type illness. The husband had been taking care of her for a long time. One night they'd gone out to dinner in town for their anniversary, and the wife choked to death. He died about three weeks later.

Sad, right?

Some people say eyes are the window to peoples souls. I think their homes are the windows to their souls. It's the place they can really be themselves, and protect themselves from the outside world. This is one of the things I find fascinating about houses. You can tell so much about people. More than what they would reveal to you in real life.


  1. So, is this an investment home? Or are you going to sell your current place?

    That's pretty sad about that family too. Kind of Dexter.

  2. It's an investment home. I know! I just heard everyone gasp.

    That's pretty sad about that family too. Kind of Dexter.

    Someday I should post about a murder house we once ran across. It was a teardown. But the guy worked for a train company or something - and had friends in the city planning department.

    The guy managed to get the planning people to let him bury a train car in his front yard as a bomb shelter. The house was filled with train steps. We didn't even know someone had been killed there. We just were going to drive by and they were having an open house. So we went in.

    I should try to find my grainy cell phone photos.