Friday, November 02, 2007

I've reached the land of tweed and churches.

I'd like to start out saying I don't have a problem with religion. But - you've read my blog. Right? You don't know how bunched up I am not being able to say the word "fuck".

In California.. it seems everyone cusses. So, I'm not usually being inappropriate. Here - definitely inappropriate.

There is a church every 35 feet. I also hope I will find something besides churches to take photos of. Right now the church house ratio is about 50/50.

Anyway. The flight was uneventful. Nice in fact. We did a nonstop, non red-eye. Loved it. I just wanted to get the good stuff out of the way first.

Oh - there was one notable thing. We didn't have time to eat anything before getting on the plane. So we wound up eating the on flight meal. I got what I thought was a chicken Caesar salad. But it wasn't. It had some oily weird Greek dressing.

Is it really a good idea to feed people a ton of oil on a plane? The amount of people using the restrooms already seem non-stop. Just say'in.

Mr S.'s mom is already making me insane. She is so damn chipper. Non stop chipper. Super annoying chipper.

This is the thing... I don't talk to anyone for a half an hour in the morning when I get up. After about a half cup of coffee, I'm fine. Not 30 seconds after I got up this morning Mr. S's mom is already talking my ear off. She says "Have I told you today how happy I am to see you"? I try as hard as possible to squash my sarcasm, and muster a polite. " I just got up 30 seconds ago... so, I don't think so". I know, that was still slightly sarcastic. But what am I going to do?

We've finally escaped to a Starbucks. Mostly to get away from the incessant "what can I get you?"s. Mostly, I just want her to calm down and let me breath for a second. I don't need to be constantly fussed over.

Mr S. has so far talked her down from making me overcooked food. Which she is dying to do. So far she has offered eggplant. She might as well said liver. How many people really like eggplant anyway. And baked french toast. What the hell is that?

It only gets better from here. I was woke up at 6:00am here time (3:00am our time) b/c someone was putting up a roof on a neighbor's house. So I'm running on almost no sleep.

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