Saturday, March 03, 2007

If you dont start letting me be a diva - I'm running away.

Several people who read my blog have made it known that I am light on bunny pictures lately. So... I will post a few over the next week or so. Then I have to take a bunny hiatus. I'm already starting to get creepy hits on the site.

To all those thinking about getting a cute little bunny for Easter. DON'T. They grow up fast, can often be very expensive and have complicated health issues. So save your money, and buy a weeks worth of latte's.

Links to other bunny pictures on this blog here.

Examples of bunny health issues here and here. Everyone is still happy and kickin.


  1. I can't imagine a bunny would be a good fit with my cat.

    I do enjoy looking at photos of your bunnies, though - they're VERY cute!

  2. You don't want to imagine WHAT I thought that was a picture of before I looked closely and read the post. I am not going to try and tug my mind out of that dark place!

  3. Peggy - I have seen bunnies get along very well with cats. The place I got Saffron from actually has her cats babysit babies.

    Getting bunnies to get along with each other I think is harder.. but I think rabbits for the most part want more attention than cats. So the bunny would be like "hey I want to snuggle", and the cat would say "screw you".

    First year - no fair! Now I'm just going to have to make stuff up in my head to figure it out. Probably worse than what you actually imagined.

  4. I had a dream the other night that I was at a store with my daughter. It was some kind of Dollar Store, where there were rows and rows of shelves. All filled with bunnies. We were ooh-ing and aaahh-ing over them. And I remember saying "We better not get one, She Said that they can be pretty hard to keep".

  5. "there were rows and rows of shelves. All filled with bunnies."

    Were they made of chocolate?

    "And I remember saying "We better not get one, She Said that they can be pretty hard to keep". "

    Funny I talk to my friends about bloggers that way too.

    The lame thing about bunnies is they are really bad about telling you they don't feel well. Usually the only sign is - they stop eating, and then there is a 50% chance they are dying unless you take some very dedicated steps to stop it.

    They are geared to not show any weakness, so when they do - they are very ill, and you have a matter of days to fix it. If you are lucky.

    It is too bad - they are really good pets.. but sometimes they can be quite challenging.

  6. They were real bunnies, and we were petting all of them. Sooooo soft.