Sunday, March 25, 2007


Sometimes I have to post project updates. Otherwise I would be doing nothing but bitching about customer service - and that would make me look like someone who has nothing better to do than complain.

So - today we will revisit a project from September. This really wouldn't have even needed to be a project if I would have with-held payment from my contractor who I had used 5 times previously without incident. It just goes to show that no matter how well you tip, or how many pizzas and drinks you buy - you can't get consistency with a contractor.

I can never really figure out the feedback mechanism for these guys. For less than 50 bucks and maybe an hours with the work it was worth it to turn me into a non-repeat customer. Really - for the tiniest of issues.

Some who read this blog probably think I am just a demanding wretch. That is far from the case. I think my problem is that I become friends with these guys and they become slackers. At any rate, since there are few projects we can't do ourselves, it becomes a super easy decision to not have to babysit a contractor - and they don't get invited back.

In this case - the contracter left us with 10 linear feet of missing sod, and a gate that is non functional. Other than that - the project was fantastic.

Luckily our neighbor was laying sod and we bartered a trade for the scraps he was going to throw away.

Before pictures here and here. Full blog entry here. This is how the courtyard looks now. We will probably get to the gate in the next couple weeks. It would be nice to use it - instead of it just looking pretty.


  1. I'm loving the color of that fencing. Some day I'll have a real garden of my own, that I can sink some serious dough into. No sense spending alot on a base house when we could move at any time.

  2. Thanks - I actually did that part myself.

    So is Husband De Gallo is a lifer? Or is het getting out someday?

  3. He's a lifer. The funny thing is that he is going to retire only 4 years after his dad.
    I need to start figuring out what I'm going to do because that's going to make me the bread whiner in the house.