Monday, March 19, 2007

A Company that understands the future.

When we first moved into this house - it was one of our highest priorities to have a room just to hold the computers - and inside that room would live an iRobot Roomba scheduler.

It would vacuum perhaps daily. And it would do so without us having to do a thing. I mean, other than set the scheduler and empty the bin. Yep - the future is fantastic.

More than any other room in the house having daily vacuuming was a huge deal. The computers, the peripherals - it all equals a giant vortex of dust accumulation.

Which says a lot because the bunnies cause a huge amount of vacuuming. But at least they are easy to move and clean around.

So - every effort has been made to make it so dust can not easily collect in this room. The wire racking in the data closet was even chosen for this reason.

We had planned early on that all the cables would travel under the bar high desks and into the closet. This is the tangled mess we had to figure out what to do with.

Initially we thought we would just mount a power strip to the underside of the desks and use a wire CD rack to contain the cables. This had a few down-falls.

All those cables together would make it hard to trace back things we wanted to move. Like if we wanted to move a monitor. The other problem was that every peripheral company wants to make a different size/shape power brick.

These are not too much of a problem if the power strip lays on the floor. But when you start mounting thing off the ground, gravity starts being a problem. Not to mention one brick can take up two power outlet spaces.

We honestly spent months and months trying to figure out a good solution.

So - this weekend it was do or die time. I need check-marks so I can create new projects.

We were just going with the cd rack and power strip plan. But when we went to mount the strips we found that the mounts on the back of them were incapable of getting them to mount. The holes were too small, or the screws you would need couldn't really hold the weight of everything. I'm sure the companies were saying "oh - you didn't really want to mount it did you"?

Plus the cord needed to be longer than the average length - 6/7 feet. So we set out to the store.

The first two store left us super frustrated. High end Monster Cable power strips were in those plastic shrink wrap containers. So you couldn't see what the backs looked like, and once you open it, you can't get it back together. We were about ready to give up when my husband wanted to look at Home Depot. I was convinced that was a waste of time, but we had been looking at power strips for months.

I was ready to freak out at that point. I get a little crashy towards the end of project days. Shopping only makes me more irritated.

To our amazement they had power strips - and they were all in boxes. So we could see the back of them.

And then something magical happened! Belkin had a product that accommodated power bricks - and regular plugs. It has a little ledge so the power bricks would be supported - and not fall from the weight of being suspended. And it was mountable with an 8 foot cord! Oh - and it didn't cost an arm and a leg.

This product completely broke open our bottleneck. We were able to run the cables down each side of the desks.

(Everything isn't really that pink - I just don't have my new filters to cancel out the sepia)

The bot can now do its thing without getting all tangled up in the cables, and our office is finally the way we imaged it. It only took 7 months, but we finally made it. Without Belkin, the result wouldn't have been as fantastic. Now watch it blow up tomorrow.

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