Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Why do products suck so Much?

Since Saturday - the following things have happened.

Scooba breaks -

Tech Support says " Unfortunately at this time it appears that your Scooba will need to be replaced. We are no longer manufacturing the Scooba 5900 model robot. Because of this, we will be replacing your robot with a Scooba 5800 model."

But of course I need to pay to ship it back.

My Alienware video card is only partially functional. We only found this out because I was trying to hook up dual monitors to it. Since it is a dual card.. one side is dead.

Tech Support says " All of these steps are to ensure the functionality of the video card, because if the results are the same, like previously mentioned, the card will need to be replaced. If after following the previously mentioned indications, you need to contact our Technical Support Department related to this issue, please provided this reference Number."

Then - this morning my husband tells me our 6 month old Maytag washing machine is being recalled. Thankfully my husband reads Engadget. And thankfully when we just re-did our laundry room we put GFI's in. That prevents our house burning down. They don't say how they are going to fix the main problem.

But I have to say - I am pretty pissed that 3 products less than 6 months old have all had issues. It is completely ridiculous. The whole reason this blog was started in the first place was because we couldn't buy anything - no matter how high end or low end - that didn't break on a regular basis. I am just sick of it.

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